ToolsGroup Tops Nucleus Research's Inventory Optimization Value Matrix for Fourth Year Running

ToolsGroup announced today that it has taken a top position in the "Leaders" quadrant of Nucleus Research's Inventory Optimization Value Matrix for 2018 for the fourth year running. Software vendors in the Leaders quadrant provide advanced machine learning technologies combined with exceptional usability that allows customers to easily gain insights and improve inventory efficiency. 


Seth Lippincott, principal analyst, Nucleus Research who led this year's study commented, "ToolsGroup is in the Leaders quadrant again after making strides to productize its machine learning capabilities into a suite of applications that address specific situations within a customer's supply chain, such as new product introductions and seasonality clustering. We found that ToolsGroup customers with highly diversified portfolios and complex multi-echelon distribution networks are freeing up considerable working capital while improving service levels."


In the report, Nucleus Research called out several of ToolsGroup's advanced capabilities and benefits including:

-Single data model that ensures no information is lost as the planner moves from demand planning to inventory optimization to supply planning.

-Several visualization engines that aid usability including Microsoft Power BI, as well as ePlanner which helps users manage events and promotions.

-Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud services to store data for use in machine learning scenarios as well as delivering the compute to power its simulation capabilities.

-Leveraging non-traditional inputs and data streams such as weather, web sentiment, IoT data, and customer segmentations

-Support for advance forecasting, early signals, events forecasting, events auto-detection, new product introduction, and seasonality clustering

-Support for demand planning, supply and demand collaboration, production planning, sales, inventory, and operations planning (SI&OP), and demand sensing capabilities


Nucleus Research positioned seventeen vendors in its matrix by analyzing end-user experiences relating to software usability and functionality. The matrix is divided into four quadrants: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers. "Leaders" are vendors that Nucleus Research rates as likely to deliver the greatest potential returns from investments (ROI) to their customers. Leaders' comprehensive product offerings are rated as the most suitable for enabling large-scale application deployments. And leaders are recognized for fast user adoption and deployment, continually developing and investing in new areas like social sensing, machine learning and predictive analytics.


ToolsGroup's CEO Joseph Shamir commented, "I've lost count of how many of our customers started out with a simple goal to reduce inventory levels, overachieved that and dramatically increased their service levels at the same time. Our technology innovation matters, but these outcomes explain why Nucleus continues to position us as the top performer in the Leaders' quadrant year after year. We are extremely honored and proud to be in this position."

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