Managed Planning Services


Supply chain planning is a complex process that requires advanced technology and skilled resources. Problem solvers and key skills are in short supply and many companies lack time-tested, standardized best practice processes. Internal options to scale up quickly may be limited.

Outsourcing key planning capability helps your company quickly achieve business results while mitigating the time and cost challenges of building an advanced planning team in-house. As a virtual part of your organization, we bring precise supply chain modelling skills for demand planning, inventory behaviours and supply chain volatility.

We handle infrastructure and interpretation of system results, so instead of collecting and massaging data your resources focus on analysing and adding value – a better use of your human capital.

Building a partnership with our clients, we accelerate time-to-value over traditional implementations - to help you achieve your corporate and business goals.

Let us show you how we can be your trusted supply chain planning partner.




Decorland exclusively sells its products through 137 stores across Sub-Sahara Africa with a manufacturing plant in South Africa and a vast majority of products procured internationally with long lead times.

With major inventory level fluctuations and only 70% of orders being filled, Decorland approached FinStock to assist with improvements to their supply chain using the Managed Planning Services model.

The Managed Planning Services model was implemented utilising, Demand Planning, Inventory Optimisation, Production and Replenishment Planning.

Decorland now achieves +/- 99% on-time and in-full order fulfillment. Inventory has been reduced by 37% and stock turn has been doubled in their South African stores.