Production Planning


Managing production process and resources, internal and external, is a complex task that needs constant monitoring and tailoring to changing conditions. We focus on delivering an integrated solution that looks at the bigger picture rather than individual siloes. 

End-to-end production process management

Many planning systems only address specific parts of the manufacturing process whereas SO99+ provides an all-inclusive solution that addresses the entire production planning lifecycle.

We help planners and supply chain managers gain greater insight and control of their manufacturing processes, spanning from understanding what’s in the supplier base to all phases of the production plan. We bring together four powerful modules that provide the ability to precisely model and maximise production output:

  • PLAN addresses medium to long term planning, with deeper insight into long-term demand feasibility
  • MRP communicates seamlessly with your supplier network, truly making your supplier a partner
  • SCHED handles production planning, taking into account process constraints as well as production resource optimisation – down to the shop floor
  • MES brings visibility to all the steps of the production cycle, supporting the execution of manufacturing operations and production tracking

Together these tools enable companies to ensure maximum efficiency and provide end-to-end visibility of the production process from a fully integrated solution.