Sales and Operations Planning


At Finstock, we recognise the point Gartner makes - “The No. 1 challenge among manufacturing companies is connecting sales and operations plan (S&OP) to operational plan/execution.” That’s why we have a specific solution.

Breaking down functional silos with integrated Sales and Operations Planning

Managers in S&OP meetings often take strategic decisions such as adding new products or revenue streams that are difficult to practically execute and translate into operational plans. They use one model for planning and a different model for execution, creating a critical gap that often turns S&OP into merely passive planning, rather than actually aligning different teams around common objectives in a feasible and practical way.

We believe you need to be confident that “you get what you plan”. With SO99+ S&OP, that’s what happens. It employs a single data model for both tactical planning and operational planning, transforming information from multiple sources including sales, production, finance and operations into a single integrated data model continuously synchronised through perfect mapping.

This single integrated planning model solves another S&OP issue. Management must more effectively collaborate to identify trade-offs. But operations has to optimise around practical constraints such as production or distribution capacities.  Our single model provides best-in-class S&OP optimised by detailed constraints and synchronised to support collaboration across different departments.

Our solution supports three levels of S&OP:

  • Strategic - Integrated Business Planning or IBP
  • Tactical Sales and Operations Planning
  • Operational / execution planning (Sales and Operations Execution or S&OE).

Overall, our advanced Sales and Operations planning software provides significant benefits with better supply chain decision making, greater insights into your customers, reduced risk, faster responsiveness to market changes and increased profitability.