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Supply Chain

Adapt to changes in lead times by measuring and assessing suppliers’ performance. Provide your customers with the service levels they expect based on supplier reliability. Identify trends in your supplier network to optimise and improve it.
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Financial Overview

View trend analysis over the last 365 days of actual inventory positions versus required targets.

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A trend analysis over the last 365 days of the percentage of products that are out of stock (OOS) and the percentage of products that have insufficient stock (availability) to cover safety stock requirements.

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Order Conversion Rate

Adherence to Proposal ensures the percentage of what is ordered versus the suggested order.

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Out of Stock Details

The top fifty items that contribute to the maximum loss due to being out of stock.

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Availability Details

Top fifty items that contribute to the maximum loss due to insufficient availability.

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Purchase Projections

The future buying requirements are shown in monthly buckets at cost.

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ABC Analysis

Analytical view of product segmentation and the contribution each segment makes to both gross profit contribution and/or demand throughput.

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Product Ranking

Comparing an item’s importance (ABC) at a national level versus what is achieved at a location level.

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Surplus Stock

Inventory which you are holding in surplus of what is required to meet your customer’s needs.

02 Other Solutions

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Balance your inventory investment and allocate resources to your high-performing, profitable products with powerful insight and trusted recommendations.

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Business process management

Business process management allows you to achieve focus, control, alignment, and superior business results by developing integrated sales and operations planning strategies.