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Inventory Planning

Balance your inventory investment and allocate resources to your high-performing, profitable products with powerful insight and trusted recommendations.
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Demand forecasting & planning

Demand Forecasting technology provides a self-adaptive algorithm that automatically generates a reliable baseline forecast for every SKU Location. Considering several factors like variability, daily/weekly and seasonality profiles, promotions, exceptional demand, calendars, etc.

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Promotional Planning

Considering past promotional behaviour and its attributes, the ability to predict future promotional behaviour with similar attributes and the effect it has on your forecast. SO99+ then manages the required inventory throughout the supply chain for that promotion.

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Demand Collaboration

The Demand Collaboration Hub (DCH) is a web-based consensus forecasting platform that brings together demand and forecast data from multiple sources and stakeholders, allowing service goals to integrate in-line with procurement, production, working capital and any supply chain constraints.

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Multi-echelon Inventory optimisation

Right sizing of inventory at each location in the network considering downstream demand, customer demand and reliability of supply.

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Replenishment Planning

Time-phased replenishment planning being either purchase orders, distribution or works orders (production orders). Considering multiple supply chain constraints for example, lead times, minimum order quantities, supplier calendars etc.

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Production Planning

Time-phased master production schedule, considering constraints like capacity (RCCP), BOM source availability and production shut down calendars.

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Minimum Supplier Constraints

The best buy plan, considering minimum order quantities per item and minimum order constraints (weight, cost, etc.) across all items from the supplier.

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Sales & Operational Planning

Bridging the gap between sales, operational and the financial plan, versus the ability to execute against that plan.

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Dynamic Inventory Planning

Product behaviours of new, growth, maturing or declining differ for every product at every location. Automation of required inventory policies for each behaviour pattern per product to achieve the business objectives.

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Range Review

Automatic review of a product’s performance at any product hierarchy level (category, family or global), versus the behaviour of the same product at each location.

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Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s delivered daily across service standards, lost sales, surplus inventory, actual versus required stock etc.

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Raw Material Component Planning

Planning of raw materials and/or components based on future finished goods improves production throughput and product availability, supported by considering both variabilities of finished goods demand and the variability of supply.

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Assortment Planning

Creating an assortment plan that meets changing customer demand while maximising profitability is a challenging feat. With an ever-changing
omn-ichannel retail landscape, success depends on decisions backed by data. Get the retail analytics you need, guiding you through localised assortment planning based on your financial objectives and forecasted customer demand.

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Remove the guesswork from your inventory allocation process. Machine learning allocates inventory to ideal store locations, allowing you to model demand for optimal inventory placement. Add efficiency to your retail planning across the supply chain by understanding current stock, inbound stock, lead time, and presentation standards. Maximise profits with these insights by quickly allocating inventory to stores with the highest selling potential.

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Merchandise FInancial Planning

Plan multiple brands, channels and currencies–all in a singular view. Manage your organisation’s traditional open-to-buy plan: Get the flexibility to choose your own planning calendar and manage strategic plan targets across a specific period in time. In addition, as a retailer, you can change merchandise financial plans from the highest to the lowest levels within the defined product hierarchy.

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Vendor Analysis

Dynamic vendor analysis and actual performance are crucial when determining inventory requirements. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. Vendor analysis rates the supplier and dynamically imports the supplier’s lead time and variability of lead time.

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Gap Buying

Gap buying provides planners with data to support the decision of when to buy products at a higher price versus the cost of lost sales due to potential stock-out.

02 Other Solutions

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Business process management

Business process management allows you to achieve focus, control, alignment, and superior business results by developing integrated sales and operations planning strategies.

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Supply chain analytics

Adapt to changes in lead times by measuring and assessing suppliers’ performance. Provide your customers with the service levels they expect based on supplier reliability. Identify trends in your supplier network to optimise and improve it.