Stock2Serve is a customised “Business Process Outsourced” (BPO) solution for your business.

We continuously plan, optimise and manage the complexities within your supply chain and deliver a simplified solution for your planning team to execute.

“None of our oppositions are in the same league as us, thanks to our outsourced planning solution.”
- Allan Solomon, Managing Director, Decorland

Understanding supply chain challenges.

Configured automated extraction of data from your ERP system within each agreed cycle period.

Analysing the data within the agreed business rules, that automatically drive the required behaviour patterns to achieve your strategic objectives.

We continuously configure our SO99+™ model with the correct product, market and networks structure to allow you to effectively optimise the inventory planning process.

Within each agreed cycle we deliver and support a simplified output through BI tools.

We provide key performance Indicators that track the behaviour of inventory and business processes in the organisation in order to achieve the agreed targets

We facilitate an on-site planning workshops with you to achieve the required KPI’s.

Download Cipla's Journey to Driverless and Decorland case studies below

Cipla's Journey to Driverless